Ugly Mug 5


The House of Harley’s comics anthology Ugly Mug is back after a 30 year break.
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The forces of optimism and pessimism battle it out over 72 pages in this horror-themed mag, which features new strips and drawings by the creme of the British small press cartooning scene:

  • Organic Matter – an auxillary brain is assembled, in a twisted tale by Ed Pinsent
  • Peasholm Island – prologue to the forthcoming graphic novel The Rightful King of the North Riding by Marc Baines
  • Father Gilderoy Investigates – meet John Bagnall‘s dynamic sleuth
  • Somberline: Dreams of Power – ominous politics in this Chris Reynolds one-pager
  • Snak – an art-punk drawing from Savage Pencil‘s Animals Eating Other Animals series
  • Beserker Tom Baxter Tiffin‘s spider fellow is too mangled for the Multiverse
  • Postcards From A Nother Place – images from the interstellar travels of Denny Derbyshire
  • Put Your Best Foot Fwd – a radical self-help philosophy, modelled by Canadian contortionist and performance artist Ess Hödlmoser aka Strange and Wonderful Creature
  • Ugly Mugshots snapped by Niall Richardson
  • The Saga of the Scroll – Harry Excess encounters a giant octopus and other evil omens, in chapter 5 of Ed Pinsent‘s Windy Wilberforce epic

And from the House of Harley studio

  • Enigmatic cover star Voodoo Master undergoes a mid-life crisis
  • Harvey’s S-S-S-Secret – Hollywood actor Harvey Keitel faces his biggest fear
  • Count Dracula’s Great Secret is revealed, in a tribute to Paul Naschy, 1970s ice lolly ads and picnic vodka
  • Seb, stranded in fog – where is everyone?
  • The Kommuter Kronicle exposes the psycho-political horror of public transport policy
  • Discourage the Use of Cash – the House of Harley’s Behavioural Research Unit strikes
  • Negative Lad asks what good are superpowers in this misbegotten world?
  • Trick or Street – never drive at night!
  • Harmless Delusions about Rice Krispies and Padron Peppers
  • How to make your own Golden Flavoured Syrup
  • Dora the Art Restorer reveals a trade secret
  • Dunstan Hunna puts the washing out
  • Reflexology – a rude pictorial poem
  • A glimpse behind the scenes at the House of Harley studio

Published Nov 2021. 72 pages, black and white premium stock, A4 paperback.
Not suitable for children.

“…an irresistible compendium of non-mainstream comic strip goodness. The contents run the gamut from rational to surreal, silly to sophisticated, amusing to offensive; UGLY MUG 5 is, in short, eminently representative of the state of the art in modern-day underground comix.”

The Bedlam Files

“…a delightfully unpredictable read…”
Broken Frontier

Reviewed in Poopsheet! 8

“…the motherlode… wildly creative and inspiring…” – Ugly Mug 6 reviewed by Steve Keeter and Larned Justin on the Talking Small Press Comics podcast…

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A handful of Ugly Mug back issues are available from the Shop.

You can own the cover of Ugly Mug 5 on a t-shirt, sticker, pillow, tote bag and even a mug.

Jitterbug on your chest

Dancing in a long coat is the new craze, even though it’s summer. That’s according to the House of Harley’s Head of Fashionware, who is paid handsomely to monitor these things. But if you don’t own a long coat, and don’t like dancing, you can still stay on trend by adorning your chest with these House of Harley pen and ink renditions of a long-coated dancer strutting her stuff, courtesy TeePublic and the House of Harley merch shop.

Ten Step Philosophy

Take these ten simple steps to a happier, more fulfilled and considerably more bendy life, and stick them on your forehead so you won’t forget to follow them, using this new sticker from the House of Harley. Also available as a tank top, tote bag and as many more desirable forms of mechandise from TeePublic, as are other items in the House of Harley merch shop.

Originally featured in Ugly Mug 5, the House of Harley’s annual anthology of comics and drawings.

Genuine job titles

Is your company’s recruitment policy stuck in the past? How about ‘gifting’ your HR Manager this classy notebook adorned with a list of actual, genuine, real life, 21st Century job titles and helpful illustrations of the diverse folks you might find inhabiting them? As originally published in Ugly Mug 5, the House of Harley’s annual anthology of comics and drawings.

Also available on ‘apparel’ and other forms of merchanising from TeePublic, as are other items in the House of Harley merch shop.

Mary’s back

Life model Mary, cover star of my collection of life drawings, The Big Reveal, is now turning her back to all and sundry on stickers, pillows, clothes, notebooks, and other ownable media.

Available from TeePublic in the usual range of merchandising media, as are other items in the House of Harley merch shop.

You can see more drawings from this set drawn at The Moon and Nude in London by scrolling to the second half of Mary’s feed.