Mystery Dick at Aural Detritus

Gavin Burrows has given our recent performance at the Aural Detritus mini-festival in Brighton a nice writeup on his Lucid Frenzy Junior blog:

…I was most keen to see Mystery Dick, aka Ed Pinsent and Harley Richardson. I knew these gentlemen from their fine work in alternative comics and music fanzines, stretching right back to the Eighties. (Ed continues to run the mighty ‘Sound Projector’, “better listening through imagination since 1996”.) But not only had I never seen them live before, I’d not even heard their music. (I confessed this to Ed on the night, who commented “we’re more under than underground.” I later read from their website the last time they performed in public was a decade ago!)

They started off with swirling organ and twangy feedback guitar, like a lost soundtrack to ‘Carnival of Souls’, before heading off into something more minimalist and droney. It felt like the longer they played the less they played, in terms of chords and notes, and the harder it was to tell one’s contribution from the other. In other words, the better they played, as duration worked its magic. But by that point they’d left my meagre powers of description behind, which is probably best for all concerned.