Life drawing 2015 #20

Last night’s Life Drawing with Added Thrills session run by the Salacious Sirens at The Gorringe in Tooting was a showcase for their Wednesday night burlesque class. Here, from the life drawing session at the end of the evening, are sketches of Bebe Boheme, Violet Empire and their talented pupil whose stage name I will find out.

The final drawing is an attempt at sketching Bebe and Violet mid-dance. Look or draw, look or draw, that is the dilemma!


Life drawing 2015 #19

Just made it to the last half hour of last night’s Life Drawing with Added Thrills session at The Gorringe in Tooting. Here’s my pencil drawings of Bebe Boheme and guest co-host Sam.  Next week should be special: a showcase for the Burlesque lessons Jo and Jesse have been running at the pub. Get yourselves along!