Badly drawn and British

A festive challenge for you all: have a go at identifying the British comedians I attempted to draw in picture 3.  They’re not very accurately represented but I think it’s just about possible to make out who they are.

2 thoughts on “Badly drawn and British

  1. Left to right across the whole two page spread: don’t know, don’t know, Kenneth Connor? Patricia Hayes, don’t know, John Le Mesurier, son’t know, Sooty and Sweep, Nicholas Parsons, and the others are Hattie Jacques, and Bernard Bresslaw. I probably don’t get a prize for this do I?

  2. Fraid not Steve. Kenneth Connor’s not in there, but you got the others right and you’re the first to spot Bernard Bresslaw. As it happens you only missed one: Arthur Haynes. Thanks for stopping by.

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