Original art

Enquire here to purchase any of the drawings below.

Comic strips

A3 originals. £250 for Ugly Mug 5 cover, Godzilla vs King Kong, invader skull and doylie skull. £100 for all others. Lots more pages available. Enquire here.

Framed life drawings

First three – £150 + pp each.
Last two – £100 + pp each.

Life drawings

A4 in various media. Make me an offer for any piece you’re interested in.

Marker pen pin-ups

A4 printer paper. £35 + p&p each.


Marker per on A4 printer paper. £30 + p&p each.

The Fall

Mark E Smith, Elini Poulou and Peter Greenway from the world’s greatest band. Marker pen on A4 printer paper.

Make me an offer if you’d like to purchase any of these.