Paintwork # 2


I have some drawings in a London exhibition which starts this week.  Opening night this Thursday (14th May), 7pm-10pm, all welcome!

Paintwork # 2, 15-29 May 2009
SW1 Gallery, Victoria, London

Art about or inspired by The Fall, the UK’s hardest-working group and the ONLY band to deliver on the promise of the punk years.  Led by Mark E Smith, charismatic storyteller, hard-line front man and BBC football score keeper.

Opening event Thurs 14th May (7-10pm), live music 15th May


  • cover artists – Pascal le Gras, Anthony Frost, Savage Pencil, Claus Castenskiold, Mark Kennedy, Suzanne Smith (sister of Mark)
  • musicians – Jeffrey Lewis, Knud Odde (Danish rock legend), Jowe Head (Swell Maps), Safy Sniper, Globo
  • fine artists – Dave Muller, Rik van Iersel, Paul Housley, Tommy Crooks (ex-Fall member)
  • cartoonists – Elaine Will, Harley Richardson
  • photographers and film makers – Michael Pollard, Robert Palumbo

Full details in attached press release.

SW1 Gallery, 12 Cardinal Walk, Roof Garden Level, Cardinal Place (Off Victoria Street), London SW1E 5JE

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