Mary’s back

Life model Mary, cover star of my collection of life drawings, The Big Reveal, is now turning her back to all and sundry on stickers, pillows, clothes, notebooks, and other ownable media.

Available from TeePublic in the usual range of merchandising media, as are other items in the House of Harley merch shop.

You can see more drawings from this set drawn at The Moon and Nude in London by scrolling to the second half of Mary’s feed.

The Big Reveal

The third House of Harley art book is a mammoth collection of highlights from Harley’s visits to life drawing groups in London – including Betty Frankenstien’s Drawing Room, The Moon and Nude, Life Draw N4, Shoreditch Fashion Illustration Class and the Exotique Drawing Salon.

Featuring life drawing superstars Carla Tofano, Steve Ritter, Andrew Crayford and the Salacious Sirens, amongst over thirty models. Harley applies his raw and experimental approach to quick-fire drawings of mermaids, pole dancers, masked heroines, burlesque dancers, cowgirls and werewolves as well as many traditional nudes.

Published July 2021. 180 pages, colour premium stock, A5 paperback.

£24.95 + postage. Order now from Lulu.

Visit the House of Harley Shop for info about our previous books, Corrugated Catwalk and Feature Show, and other arty items.

Life drawings for sale

Many of the life drawings found on this site are for sale. Prices are typically £100 unframed, £150 framed, plus postage and packing, for an A4 sketch. Most are in pencil or marker pen. Please enquire as to availability and cost.

A few examples below… lots more here.